Waves is No. 16 on the Alt18 Countdown!

Let’s keep at it. Head over to your Twitter and chirp this if you <3 this song:

" Waves by @blondfire #alt18 @altnation "

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Request WAVES on Alt Nation

It’s Monday! Let’s do this! Ready? Head on over to your Twitter and: ” Request WAVES by @blondfire on @altnation! #alt18 ” See how easy we made that? Just copy and paste. :)

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Blondfire on Sirius Alt Nation!

Blondfire reached the #2 spot on Sirius Radio’s Alt Nation last week! Help Blondfire get to #1 by tweeting @Altnation using #Alt18. 

There will be a surprise in store if “Where the Kids Are” gets to #1! 

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